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Experiencing financial hardship can feel hopeless. Many people feel as though there is nothing more isolating or embarrassing than having to live a life of hiding from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or trying to keep up appearances. You may think that no one understands your back taxes owed, or that no one can possibly offer any type of tax relief. Our friends at The Tax Hero can offer a way out through affordable, customized tax resolution.

Individuals across the nation have faced the same problems as you (back taxes owed, tax levies, etc.) and have overcome the same challenges that you are about to overcome. There is a way forward. Through Tax resolution with an expert, an Enrolled Agent.

Tax help may be just phone call away. Their office provides assistance with taxes and all related concerns, especially delinquent state tax and delinquent federal tax collection cases.

About The Tax Hero

They offer unique insight into all tax and financial matters that people bring to them. From the moment you initially contact their office to the final outcome of your IRS payment plan, you can rest assured that they will be right by your side every step of the way. They proudly offer tax services that are highly personalized because they know how urgent tax relief matters can be. Time is ticking away, and your personal assets - some of which may be lifetime investments - could be on the line.

They offer more than 36 years of experience. Five (5) years in auditing with the black hat and thirty-one (31) years wearing the white hat helping people with their taxes including:

1. irs payment plan

2. back taxes owed

3. payroll services

4. tax lien

5. tax help

6. wage garnishment

7. IRS audit

8. tax levy

9. Bankruptcy

10. Offers in Compromise

11. Freedom of Info Requests

12. Penalty Abatement

13. Collection Appeals

14. Innocent Spouse

15. Expiration of Statutes

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